3 Ways to Heck started with nothing but five people and a passion. Though most of us had just started learning computer science, we all had a passion for it that drove us to learn outside of class. Most of us had minor experience with computer science, but once we heard about the Bay Area Cyber Competitions, we worked hard to learn and master the ways of cyber security. Although our base and our members are from Alhambra High School, our team does not represent the school but rather the hard work and commitment the members possess.

As the competition continued, we expanded our influence and the reach of our team. We opened up websites and social media platforms to provide more opportunities for those who did not want to participate in the competitions, but still wanted to help. We also took in a variety of recruits, whether they were beginner, expert, local, or international. We held lessons and classes for beginners so they could catch up. We saw this competition as not just a contest but a learning experience for everybody who was interested. Our team is full of hardworking and committed people who help and teach others on the teams and don’t judge each other based off of your knowledge in technology. As we taught beginners, they soon were able to complete challenges themselves, and contributed to us making it to regionals every year.

This competition to us has never been about winning, but about learning and gaining the skills needed to work as a team and complete the challenges. It has been a learning experience for us, and it can be for those interested in joining our team. Our main goal isn’t to win, but to gain experience and have fun.